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Place:Cyprus, Paralimni

Dates:13/09/2016 - 21/09/2016


Project Description:

To answer with one word the above questions is "perception". Indeed what is the perception of the youth on anything happening around them today? 

This project seeks to address the points of view of youth today on how they see the crisis in any form (economical, social, equality of EU members, behaviors, problems and how the see EU finding solutions for these)

For example there is a specific problem, how do people handle it? How do they see it? Each problem has half of its answer/solution in its question, so youth in this project will try to identify ways to see differently (from different aspects) the possible solutions for that problem.

This in a big view can create a framework of fighting unemployment because youth today take for a fact that there are no jobs available so they do not actually do anything for this except waiting. At the same time this project will address this youth and will try to change this perception.

The main focus of the project is looking at youth unemployment and finding ways to help youth help themselves find employment rather than waiting for the jobs to find them.  We want to help young people understand the world, understand what is waiting for them in the real world and then help them to be prepared to deal with the situations that life hands them.

We want to help young people perceive tomorrow and be ready for it.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus + Programme).

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Where Do I Belong…………………...

A great question. A question that most of us have asked our self’s, our friend everyone.

Do we have an answer though, is it possible?

Well in Romania during the course of this Youth Exchange we tried and we tried hard. For me personally I kind of know how to answer this question to myself now. And for me the answer is ‘’everywhere’’. 

And why is that because in this amazing project I learn some valuable lessons. Lessons about discriminations lessons about stereotypes. I had the chance to be in the shoes of an immigrant trying to find asylum or in the shoes of a nationalist extremist activist, that gave me the ability to understand stuff to see the world through a different eye and to realize that everything is A MATER OF PERSPECTIVE. And that perspective led me to my answer. 

WDIB was an amazing project for me one of the best I attended or probably the best. The OTI team as always was amazing with the workshops and the OTI Romania team was spot on everything through accommodation (on that lovely small and homey hotel with good food) through general organization of the entire project. An amazing team that was always there to support each and every one of us with all our needs. 

I am really grateful I took part to this magnificent project not only because I get to learn all the stuff I did but because I had the chance to mix and meet lots of new people, but I also had the blessing to make new true friends. Friends that I will cherish for the whole of my life .

Until we meet again all 

Antreas Mr.Big Antreou from Cyprus

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