Erasmus+: KA1  Mobility of Youth Workers 

Place: London | UK

Dates: 12/02/2015 - 19/02/2015

Our project will cover to main concerns, namely unemployment and environmental conservation.  It is known that unemployment is a major concern for all EU countries, and we are also aware of the environmental problems we face.  The idea is to combine the two and try to achieve solutions for both problems.  We will look at how we can use waste, items which are generally turned into pollution as a form of income.  This will allow people who are in desperate need of finding employment to be able to start working from home or to start small businesses in their communities with very little costs.  This project will give value to waste and also reduce unemployment.  This project is especially of importance to young people in smaller communitie

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Booklet #1: Booklet Environment

Booklet #2: Upcycle Booklet


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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 This project is the great step for me in practicing the English language. I have been learning it for 6 years but that was the first time I had an opportunity to communicate in English in real life. I could easily understand almost everything I was told but sometimes I had some problems with expressing my ideas. I can say that I have improved my listening, speaking, writing and reading skills as we had different tasks which presupposed using all types of speech activities. English language is the international language, it also helped me understand participants' cultures, peculiarities of their mentalities. Now I understand better my gaps in learning English and feel ready to remove them all.


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