Erasmus+: KA1  Youth Mobility (Youth Exchange) 

Place: Cyprus

Dates: 05/03/2015 - 13/03/2015

 In a modern age we have grown dependant on technology, so much that it has changed our lives.  Certainly we have great ease and access to information at our finger tips, but at what cost?  We have seen that the techno-age has even created a new language for communication, new methods of socializing but how social are we.  Our project will make our youth work without the modern technology and see how they can be more active as youth.  The project will compare the differences of life with and without technology allowing the youth to be more social and more creative.  It is hoped that our project will reduce the dependence of technology and allow them to think on their own, finding ways to occupy their time and socialise with others.  Our project will not reject technology but give a better understanding of how and when to use it and also to allow a life without it.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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Cultural diversity , open minded people with great desire to share their opinions, understanding through empathy, exercise, and overall a group that became unitary working together with joy. "Where do I belong" treated the issue of immigration from a rational and also emotional point of view. The action took place in Predeal, Romania and was coordinated by One Terrene International. The trainers information and means of communication was of great value and the topics managed to attract everyone`s attention and participation. I recommend this unique experience to anyone in search of improving their knowledge on European issues, developing their communication skills, understanding different cultures and establishing human connections.

Radulescu Cristian from Romania

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