OTI Network Updates:

This form is intended to participants that will/wish to participate in projects organised by OTI Network and/or it's Partners  and Subsidiaries. Please read it carefully and fill in all true answers for the application process.

Your application form may be forwarded to a third party organisation (usually the sending organisation) in cases that the sending organisation is responsible for selecting participant and they will decided if you are selected or not in the below project.

You can read our Privacy Policy for more information on how the below data that you are willingly sending is processed.

 This form is to be completed using a laptop/desktop computer.

X Forms completed via mobile devices will not be able to be processed.

Personal Details
Project Information
Flight Arrangement Options

Due to covid-19 we would like to assist participants and organisations for flight arrangements if they wish. Select the option you want OR what your Sending Organisation has advised and informed you to select.

Option A if you want the Coordinating Organisation to purchase flight arrangements for you. In this case, you will need to pay 30% of the travel budget before the Coordinating Organisation can purchase the flight tickets. Please add below your travel identification document that you will use and complete and agree to the requested elements.

Option B if you or your Sending Organisation wants to buy the flight tickets. In this case, you must send flight options here for approval.

Visa Requirements