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Over the last decade we have worked closely with thousands of young people and hundreds of youth organisations in Europe and beyond to help overcome the obstacles youth face when it comes to unemployment.  We have run hundreds of workshops, seminars, mobility projects and events to help youth build on their skills and talents and understand the local and international labour market.  We have worked with European and International institutions through various EU funded frameworks to help find placements for youth and we continue to do this.  In July 2020, EU statistics revealed almost 3 million unemployed youth under the age of 25.

As a result of COVID-19, we have seen an increase not only in youth unemployment but in the difficulty youth face to find employment.  We as a network, have established two(2) new tools to help youth overcome these obstacles.

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We have setup an online marketplace for employers and talented people to find each other.  The platform is free to use allowing talented youth to showcase their skills, education and talent and for employers to find them.  Employers are also able to post required jobs and talented youth and more can make proposals and bid on these jobs.

The idea behind this it to enable young people to find part time work or even full-time work, or even to allow them to become completely independent self-employed people managing their time and work load as they need.  This seems to be how the labour market is moving now, with a greater need for on-demand jobs rather than full time staffing, and answers exactly to this needed.

Based on the demands of the labour market, and the new European marketplace we have created at we feel that there is no longer any excuse for people to be unemployed; there is always something we can offer and someone else needing that service done for them.  Take the bull by the horns and overcome unemployment, it simply needs you to take the first step of setting up a profile and you are on your way to economic independence.

More information on how ti works for freelancers, talents and youth can be found here.

More information on how it works for employers can be found here

thimamecom logo 1595510136 has been running for over 2 years now with great success.  In 2020 we undertook a major upgrade of the site, adding over 25000 products to the online store and worldwide delivery. employs young people from all over Europe and has now enabled the feature of allowing young people to set up their own stores within the site.

Young people can setup a store and sell their own products online within a few hours.  Helping them develop their entrepreneurial skills and of course earning an income.  This service is free for all youth in the EU.

You can visit the site here:

More details on how to open your own shop on this site can be found here  

We have also started an affiliate program where youth can earn extra income by utilising their own social networks.