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One Terrene International, in short OTI, is the parent/umbrella of an international network of organisations involved in adult education and youth work in a variety of fields in Europe.

The organisation was born in 2009 in London, UK and in 2013 in Cyprus and now its network has spread out to more than 14 countries including but not limited to Greece, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and other OTI locals in EU and non EU countries. The organisation has strong partnerships with Eastern European Partnership countries and EUROMED countries as well.

The organisation has been very active in Youth in Action from 2009 and is very active in Erasmus+ Projects since its start in 2014 for all Key Actions youth and adult education. The organisation also selects schools and informal groups that consist of students and teachers from schools as partners in order to influence the school education format, and encourage teaching methods to involve non formal learning methodologies in their curriculum.

The organisation has also been very active in Europe For Citizens programmes and twinning with municipalities and organisations with Italy, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Cyprus.

Our projects include young people, youth workers, profesionals and participants of any age. We include participants with fewer opportunities and we give emphasis on projects that empower minorities and inclusion for people with disadvantages.

OTI has experience in developing methodologies that enhance and develops the following skills:

* Empowering youth abilities and skills
* Awareness for Active Citizenship, balance of responsibilities, obligations and rights of European Citizens.
* Self Confidence building and Employability (CV building, Public Speaking etc.)
* Entrepreneurial Trainings, Skill Development and Workshops
* Non Formal Learning Methodology development and simulations
* Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Projects
* Intercultural Exchanges and awareness projects for understanding differences and gaining respect of these differences.
* Environment and Sustainability

OTI and its network have successfully realised more than 80 mobility projects, proving that the quality of the offered programmes are fruitful, fun, progressive and creative.

OTI is now officially a EURODESK Ambassador UK.


A sample of our projects:

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Thank's to the Youth Exchange „Where do i Belong?” organized in Romania, in a wonderful area, named Predeal, i would like to think that i just found out where my soul and heart feels the best. 

In the first days were more relaxed and had enough space and opportunities to get to know each other and to accommodate.

So we took baby steps at first but I feel like we learned how to communicate better with people from other cultures (develop our social skills) and the most important aspect is that we were all the time encouraged to make friends through cooperation.

Personally i feel that there was not a single person with who i didn't interact with or had a dynamic activity with. 

I had the opportunity as well to organize a first workshop regarding the asylum seekers procedure from Romania together with Mihaela which decreased my fear for public speaking and also helped me to reach full potential when i want to transmit an idea in front of a numerous people.

Each activity that we had (name games, role play, creating a video, a magazine, a song about our experience during this days, building a country together, migrating to another cultures and become minority, crocodile game, game of thrones, etc) had a moral story behind, a problem that people are facing in different situations. 

This activities helped us to synchronize as a group, to realize all the barriers that a migrant, a refugee for example needs to go through, or maybe how all the stereotypes regarding genders affects our daily life without even recognize them. 

After all, I am pleased to say that this project has been really useful to share our experience, to overcome our fears, to learn to work as a one mind group, to connect everybody with everybody. Even the hosting place was amazing and the staff has been delighted and implicated.  

I am taking a picture in my memory palace to be sure that i will never forget this experience and the beautiful people which actually made this happen.

Thank you, my friends!

Anita Toth from Romania


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