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Project Index No.: 2020-1-0057

Project title: Go remote: Unlocking the potential of remote job opportunities!

Lead partner: SIA Visas Iespejas


During the year 2020, Covid-19 has influenced work life around the globe in two significant ways:


1)unemployment, especially among youth, has skyrocketed;

2)remote work is becoming the “new normal”.


Usually, rapid changes exacerbate inequality, yet with this project, we aim to counter the negative effects (unemployment) with the positive ones (remote work) and develop an

integrated A to Z approach that provides new access to employment for NEET youth in rural areas and young mothers (25-29) through remote work.


The project will open 2 ways for youth to gain remote employment in Latvia, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria:

Active learning path consists of “remote job training” tailored towards specific remote professions, followed by online job speed-dating events, during which companies and youth meet eye-to-eye in order to land a job. The path is completed by remote work mentorship that sustains the lasting impact of remote employment.


Finding a remote work path on the contrary is a broader, but less regulated process, enabling NEETs to find a job at any time. It is enabled by our online job platform with remote and hybrid-remote (e.g. weekly attendance) vacancies coupled with a database of job seekers, personalised profiles with employer-employee matching options and up-to-date “Learning Hub” with high-quality educational content on remote work. The main innovation of the platform stems not only from the specific focus on remote jobs but from integrating transnational remote job vacancies between the EEA countries.

To construct impactful activities, we will begin with expertise-partner-led in-depth research (from ISL, NOR, FIN), creating youth, employer and market need assessment, and developing a roadmap for a training plan and job speed-dating events.


Finally, we plan to reflect on the project via a final report and develop a Learning Guidebook, enabling our solutions to be easily adapted and our platform to be self-sustained and easily scaled beyond the 4 countries.