Maria Zodiatou - Facilitators Bootcamp

Facilitators’ Boot camp” was an Erasmus+ training course which took place in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife from the 26th May to 3rd June, involving more than 20 participants from 9 organizations. It was organized by JOETZ VZW and was co – financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

The course was skillfully “handcrafted” to provide tools of non-formal education and activate a holistic learning with a deep impact on the lives of the participants, while at the same time spreading values of acceptance, peace and embracing the unpredictable. More specifically, this TC provided tools caring the relational side of facilitators’ work, but also some professional skills like; public speaking, de briefing and improving several competences.

The TC workshops ranged from: team building activities, wandering tours in facilitators’ styles, building up and performing public speaking, embracing the butterfly effect and coming up with plan bs, cultivating de briefing skills, crafting and conducting a workshop and final assessing.

On the second day of the course the facilitators asked us what our wildest dream has been… most of us answered “to fly”, I didn’t know then what to expect from this course so instead of giving the honest answer, which is “to go on exceptionally creative trainings” I also said “to fly”. Both those who answered “to fly” and I got our dreams come true. It has been a life experience which I already feel under my skin…

Maria Zodiatou